WAVAWWomen Against Violence Against Women (Canada)
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WAVAW rejected censorship as a strategy and instead urged media companies to exercise "corporate responsibility." The group focused its efforts on consumer actions--boycotts, petitions, letter-writing campaigns, and feminist street theater--and made a point to explain to journalists that they were advocating corporate responsibility, not government censorship--a message that would remain constant for the group.
In particular, WAVAW took aim at the music industry, which was saturated with imagery that eroticized violence.
But WAVAW kept the pressure on and, after three years of national protests and consumer boycotts, Warner Communications released a statement in 1979 indicating that it had adopted a corporate policy opposing the depiction of violence on its album covers and promotional materials, WAVAW had won a major victory on a national level, demonstrating that feminist grassroots efforts that emphasized public education and consumer action could effect positive change.
WAVPM was founded by a group of Bay Area feminists in 1976 and, according to Bronstein, functioned as a kind of "bridge group" in the transition period between the media antiviolence campaigns of WAVAW and the anti-pornography focus of WAP (20).
Members of WAVAW attended the conference in significant numbers, and there were even two WAVAW-led workshops on media violence.