WAVPMWomen Against Violence in Pornography and Media (San Francisco, CA)
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Six weeks after its first organizational meeting, WAVPM staged an anti-pornography protest outside the Mitchell Brothers Theater in San Francisco, a venue that offered patrons live sex shows, some of which included sadomasochistic (S/M) acts.
For example, the WAP slideshow built on the slideshows of its predecessors, WAVAW and WAVPM, and included some of the same slides, such as the Rolling Stones' Black and Blue advertisement and the infamous Hustler meat grinder cover.
Bronstein locates the origins of the pro-sex feminist movement in the clashes that took place in the late 1970s between Samois, a San Francisco-based lesbian-feminist BDSM organization, and WAVPM. Members of WAVPM viewed lesbian S/M as eroticizing male supremacy and glorifying the "unequal relations of power fundamental to a patriarchal society" (285).