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WAVSWork Area Vision System
WAVSWide Area Visualization Solution (telecommunications)
WAVSWoking Association of Voluntary Services (Woking, UK)
WAVSWide Angle Visual System
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Test driving automatics, adapted cars and WAVs If you want to test drive an automatic car you will need to arrange this when you call your dealer as there are often less of these models available on site.
After creating a script and sharing it with the team of librarians for feedback and edits, I recorded the audio narration while clicking through the Prezi into Audacity, saving it as a WAV file.
Department of For-Hire Vehicles (DFHV) rewarded cabbies $5 for each completed trip in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV), regardless of whether the passenger had a disability that required use of the wheelchair ramp.
The fundus was rechecked with the WAVS to confirm the indentation effect, and the band was tightened through the Watzke sleeve.
When the matter came to the notice of senior officials of the police force's west district, an inquiry was initiated into the report of the first investigative officer who had given the clean chit to Blu Wavs.
With the new Americas scope, individuals in packaging are also being challenged to evolve and innovate, We started to look in the mirror and reHect on our behaviors, adapt to other cultures and wavs of working, use new communication tools to share technical ideas, leverage the global knowledge and experience with other countries, and cross-fertilize our best practices into common processes.
NEC acknowledged a wealth of opportunities for nutraceutical manufacturers, particularly in the area of weight management."Our business is ultimately consumer-driven and over the last year, growing demand for dietary supplements has created tremendous opportunities for growth," said Melony Fuller, director of marketing, NEC."As consumers continue to seek more natural wavs to improve their health, we will be on the opposite end of the chain working to provide more and more options to supplement marketers to meet those needs."
The retail marketplace has a number of these products, and they all operate and communicate with each other in many wavs."
Amoeba is selling its Vinyl Vaults material, which can be heard in streaming samples on the site, www.amoeba.com, in three pricing tiers, reflecting the audio quality of the tracks: 78 cents per track for MP3s, 80 cents for Lossless M4As and $1.50 for WAVs.
"I think back to the WASPs and the WAVs and the SPARs, those women from yesteryear, there will never be another group like those women," said Gordon.
"There's like 200 files in each of these folders," he says of the bootlegged WAVs. "So you just start going.