WAWFWide Area Work Flow
WAWFWorld Association for World Federation (Japan)
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For the entire cycle time to be improved, WAWF would be needed to shorten many other cycle times that are part of the entire process.
DoD using WAWF has saved almost $250m in invoice processing yearly.
BRAC or no BRAC, electronic invoicing helps prevent documents from being lost, a big problem in vendor/contract pay, therefore you want to make maximum use of WAWF.
Many leaders in the defense industry have recognized the potential and are now registering to use WAWF.
The company said the CACI-backed WAWF has saved DoD around $250 million annually in invoice processing.
For new items, the primary method is through WAWF Use of electronic invoicing was mandated by law in the 2001 National Defense Authorization Act, subsequently codified in DFARS 52.
GAO recommended management improvements in WAWF and DOD said it is moving in that direction.
Army executives wanted to accelerate WAWF implementation and initiated an LSS project with this objective.
WAWF is a Web-based system that allows contractors and authorized Department of Defense personnel to create and transmit electronic invoices and receiving reports and to access contract-related documents online.
WAWF is a web-enabled, paperless contracting software application.
Available 24/7, WAWF reduces cycle time, protects transactions with audit capability, and gives total visibility of document status and electronic submission of invoices with improved data accuracy.
WAWF allows Web-based accessibility to match the contract, invoice, receiving report, and payment documentation.