WAXDWide-Angle X-Ray Diffraction
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[beta]] denotes the relative content of [beta]-crystal form (WAXD), [H.sub.[alpha]] (110), [H.sub.[alpha]] (040), and [H.sub.[alpha]](130) are the intensities of the strongest peaks of [alpha]-form attributed to the (110), (040), and (130) planes of monoclinic cell, respectively.
SAXS and WAXD. In order to facilitate the comparison between morphology and fracture mechanical properties, the SAXS and WAXD analysis was carried out directly on the compact tension (CT) specimens used for the subsequent fracture mechanical tests.
The crystallinity of the epoxy amine polymers was examined by WAXD analysis with 2 ranging from 10-70.
Wide angle X-ray diffraction (WAXD) was employed to characterize the basal spacing of clay stacks in PU/OMMT nanocomposites.
The findings were in good agreement with the WAXD study.
Five samples of each type of bulk coke were prepared for SEM and WAXD investigations.
The long period ([L.sub.B]) that defines the statistical average of the distance between two lamellae is determined by the position of the first intensity maximum ([s.sub.m]) in 1D-SAXS profiles by [L.sub.B] = l/[s.sub.m] [27], The thickness of crystalline lamella ([L.sub.c]) can be estimated by [L.sub.c] = [X.sub.c(WAXD)] x [L.sub.B], and the thickness of the confined amorphous phase [L.sub.a] = [L.sub.B] - [L.sub.c] [7,28].
The crystalline structure of the PANI samples was studied by WAXD. The results are presented in Figure 2.
the nucleation effect and thermal behavior of bisamides compound with different methylene chain and develop more bisamides type nucleation agent for PLLA, N, N'-Bis(benzoyl) tridecanedioic acid dihydrazide(NA) was synthesized, and the nucleation effect and thermal behavior of bisamides compound NA as nucleating agent for PLLA was evaluated by using DSC, POM and WAXD.
GO, PF, and GO/PF in situ nanocomposites were examined by WAXD with 2[theta] ranging from 5 to 40[degrees], and the results are shown in Figure 2.