WAXRDWide Angle X-Ray Diffraction
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WAXRD patterns of MMT NP, UMMT, and RMMT are given in Figure 6.
The structure of solid and microcellular PHBV-HBP-nanoclay-based nanocomposites were studied using WAXRD and TEM as shown in Figs.
1A and B, the WAXRD patterns revealed the (001) diffraction peaks at (2[theta] = 5.08[degrees] for Cloisite 30B and 2[theta] = 12.24[degrees] for HNT) with an interlayer spacing ([d.sub.001] = 1.73 nm for Cloisite 30B and 0.72 nm for HNT).
WAXRD was conducted at ambient temperature using a Philips powder X-ray diffraction system (Model PW 1830, The Netherlands).
Wide-angle X-ray diffraction (WAXRD) patterns were taken with D/MAX 2550.