WAYDWhat Are You Doing?
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Tho couth I sing of love, and tune my pype Unto my plaintive pleas in verses made: Tho would I seeke for Queene apples unrype, To give my Rosalind, and in Sommer shade Dight gaudy Girlonds, was my comen trade, To crowne her golden locks, but yeeres more rype, And losse of her, whose love as lyfe I wayd, Those weary wanton toyes away did wype.
And if someone does ask you the WAYD question, when you're not pregnant, you should reply : "Any minute now!"
"We have field tested our device on many commodities and industry applications, and we continue to explore new applications where our device can make a difference," says Wayd McNally, president and co-founder of PEI Innovations.