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WAYNWhere Are You Now?
WAYNWest African Youth Network (Freetown, Sierra Leone)
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South Africa Tourism also confirmed that over 840,000 WAYN users have expressed strong intentions to visit the country.
WAYN claims to have 21 million users and contributors worldwide, and it canvassed them for feedback on their dream destinations.
Chiranjeevi, will showcase the exclusive stories, pictures and videos of Travel Plus and also allow the users to share them on their WAYN network.
WAYN averages seven to eight million unique monthly users and serves around 200 million page views a month.
The new funding will help WAYN offer a host of new and improved benefits to its members, including a tailored trip planner; the ability to share experiences and tips with others in real time through rich media, and access to exclusive travel and lifestyle benefits around the world.
William Price, Global Manager of Digital at South Africa Tourism said: "Our partnership with WAYN.
com, and WAYN, one of the largest community Web sites to emerge from the U.
uk - Peter Ward, CEO, WAYN Best practices in branding
Johannesburg Tourism is enjoying the results of a highly successful social media campaign on the travel and lifestyle social networking community website WAYN.
WAYN keeps friends and relatives in touch with people as they move from one place to another via email and SMS and by providing a colour map of their location.
at was also the first network to launch an integrated affiliate solution for users of social networking sites, working with WAYN, the travel-focused social network.
offers more than 4,000+ activities in 60+ countries and not only sells direct to consumer but via partner companies such as airlines, car rental firms, hotel groups and travel portals including Ryanair , Hertz, Yahoo, Teletext and WAYN