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WAZWestdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (German newspaper)
WAZWet Arbeidsongeschiktheidsverzekering Zelfstandigen (Dutch: Self-employed Disability Insurance Law)
WAZWeight for Age Z Score (children's health)
WAZWorked All Zones (amateur radio award)
WAZWireless Access Zone
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Indeed, for children on the intervention there was a statistically significant increase in WAZ from graduation (M= -1.
The data is being acquired by a four-vessel WAZ fleet.
Donev and Pavlov later said that their decision came only after BG Privatinvest, at that point owned equally by Habsburg and Grozev after Rutz's exit, had failed to secure funding to pay for the initial acquisition of the publisher from WAZ.
had on him was money of Media Print Macedonia and that he intended to invest in Media Print Vienna, a subsidiary of the German media giant WAZ.
In a multivariate analysis predicting VS, PI-based regimens were independently associated with VS, as was CD4 percentage, WAZ, and age.
The city of Tempe began working with the Downtown Tempe Community and WAZ Alliance to WiFi-enable the city.
German media recently reported that a joint offer was being mulled by Kirch's creditor bank, Commerzbank, newspaper publisher WAZ Mediengruppe and Sony's U.
Not only that, but six days a week during the Olympics, the Citizen is printing a special edition of the Essen, Germany, paper WAZ (Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung).
The GIRLSALOUDbeauty is dating club promoter WAZ ASHAYER - and according to those close to her, there is definitely a lot of Chemistry between the pair.