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WAZWestdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (German newspaper)
WAZWet Arbeidsongeschiktheidsverzekering Zelfstandigen (Dutch: Self-employed Disability Insurance Law)
WAZWeight for Age Z Score (children's health)
WAZWorked All Zones (amateur radio award)
WAZWireless Access Zone
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We are not influenced by rumors - we look at numbers, at the offer, at future possibilities for development, then we assess and discuss," Hombach is quoted saying, adding WAZ can sell but is not at all forced to do so.
In the region, WAZ is present in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia and Romania.
Handelsblatt writes that Serbia is a "special case" for WAZ, for it was even "chased out of the country" by the government.
As expected, LBW participants had a significantly lower WAZ (p<0.0005) and HAZ (p<0.0005) score than normal birth weight (NBW) participants (Table 2).
A source said: "Waz is great fun - he will bring the best party vibes to the villa if he signs up.
Age, weight, height and gender were taken to calculate anthropometric indices, including height for age (HAZ), weight for Age (WAZ), and weight for height (WHZ).
Border mou1ding waz done uzing 1ow fuzing compound (DPI Pinnac1e Tracing Ctickz, the Bombay Burmah Trading Gorporation, Mumbai, India), to record the depth of the functional sulcus and secondary impressions were made uzing Xinc oxide and eugeno1 imprezzion pazte (DPI Imprezzion Pazte, the Bombay Burmah Trading Gorporation, Mumbai) in both the trayz.
With regard to body weight per se (WAZ criteria), there was an almost equal prevalence of the two extremes of weight status, namely 7.3% of children being underweight and 6.2% being overweight.
Children were classified as mildly stunted, underweight or wasted if HAZ, WAZ or WHZ was < -1 HAZ, < -1 WAZ and < -1 WHZ or moderate when < -2 and severe if the values were < -3 SD.
So far waz has received four awards in three film festivals including Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival - 2013 and Hollywood Shorts Reel-14 in the categories Best Music and Best Music Video.
Lorna's father, Darren Griffiths, wrote on Facebook: "Just to let everyone no [sic] they have found my baby girl and arrested the man she waz with.
The GIRLSALOUDbeauty is dating club promoter WAZ ASHAYER - and according to those close to her, there is definitely a lot of Chemistry between the pair.