WAQWarrior Adventure Quest (soldier training program)
WAQWisdom Access Question
WAQWaikiki Aquarium (Honolulu, HI)
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El "Cuestionario de preocupacion y ansiedad" (Worry and Anxiety Questionnaire, WAQ) fue el primer cuestionario elaborado especificamente para evaluar el TAG segun los criterios diagnosticos del DSM-IV-TR (APA, 2000).
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The email - sent last month by an official to civil servants who draft statements for Ministers - said: "Please note that Ministers have requested that all WAQ answers are kept concise and to the point.
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Le commandant des unites de la Garde republicaine a Bayda, Khaled Waq, en charge de la securite pour le scrutin presidentiel, et Hassan Babili, chef de la commission electorale, deux soldats et un civil ont peri dans l'attaque, ont precise les memes sources.
WAQ incorporates resiliency training to help redeployed troops adjust to a calmer-paced lifestyle than the one they left behind.
"Sanaa is important, but if Taiz really gets going this thing could take off," Gregory Johnsen, a Princeton University scholar, said in his blog on Yemen, Waq Al-Waq.
Called Warrior Adventure Quest (WAQ), the program uses high-intensity, extreme sports and a debriefing tool "to provide soldier/leader/unit mitigation and coping skills that can address unresolved transition issues, and build unit cohesion and morale, contributing to combat readiness," Dr.
In addition to the physical outlets that they provide, the WAQ activities are designed to bring cohesion to a unit through teamwork, and develop individual and unit resiliency through "horizontal and vertical bonding" with respect to rank structure and "esprit de corps," Dr.
The questionnaire titled Web Affinity Questionnaire (WAQ) was used as the research instrument for this study.
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Gregory Johnsen, a former Fulbright Fellow and co-author of Waq al-Waq, a prominent blog on Yemeni affairs, warns that Yemen is teetering on the tipping point.