WAQWarrior Adventure Quest (soldier training program)
WAQWisdom Access Question
WAQWaikiki Aquarium (Honolulu, HI)
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Soldiers who participate in WAQ are expected to incorporate team building with skills learned or reinforced during the program and walk away with a newfound passion for leisure activities that can enhance their overall quality of life.
The most important aspect of the WAQ program is what comes after the adrenaline-pumping activities: the Battlemind After Actions Review (AAR).
Although WAQ might not be the answer to all postcombat issues such as [posttraumatic stress disorder] and [traumatic brain injury], its holistic approach should serve as a model as the Army continues to identify and create programs to honor and empower soldiers who are reluctant to reach out for professional help," Staff Sgt.
Gregory Johnsen, a former Fulbright Fellow and co-author of Waq al-Waq, a prominent blog on Yemeni affairs, warns that Yemen is teetering on the tipping point.
A former reporter and editor for the Yemen Observer, he currently co-runs the Yemen blog Waq al-Waq (islamandinsurgencyinyemen.
The WAQ is designed to help prevent those behaviors by providing a safe outlet for redeployed troops.
Bharti said: "They were inspired by the Persian waq tree which was supposed to be a warning to Alexander the Great not to advance across India.
These extracts were prepared either as a fine suspension in 5% gum acacia (TAL) or dissolved in normal saline (TAQ, WAQ and MET) and were used for the following toxicological studies.
You lull yourselves with the legends of Antara [sic] and Abu Zeyd and dream of the lands of Waq al-Waq.
In southern Somalia, for instance, al-Ittihad had until recently a small base of operations in Ras Kiamboni, in a very isolated coastal area, enabling" them to use boats to move people and supplies; and in El Waq, in the interior along the Kenyan border, where they could channel movement of goods and people into Ethiopia.
WAQ ATTACK: Younis has gone in to bat for Alec Stewart (below)