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WBAAWhole Blood Associated Acetaldehyde
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In order to fund these programs, the WBAA holds four fundraisers a year: a meat raffle in January, a Valentine's dance in February, a Texas Hold `em poker tournament in October, and a town-wide mailer in November.
Hamad Al Hashemi, Managing Director of Dubai Institute of Technology -TechnoPark, said: "Because Business Angels invest their own money into companies, unlike venture capitalists, our affiliation with WBAA offers tremendous opportunities for promising start-up companies who may not have any other sources of capital in this market, in light of the high risk associated with new ventures.
WBAA is measured on a specimen of whole blood preserved in EDTA; serum, plasma, and tissue samples can be analyzed as well.
The WBAA test has been used successfully in several areas: 1) to confirm a suspicion of heavy drinkers in insurance applicants (13) and 2) to document differences in response by genotype in Asian-American subjects given an alcohol challenge.
Meg McKernan, whose daughter Amanda McKernan plays on the West Boylston girls basketball team with Lexi Bourn, was a tournament organizer and worked with both Lori and Peter Bourn on WBAA events.