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In order to fund these programs, the WBAA holds four fundraisers a year: a meat raffle in January, a Valentine's dance in February, a Texas Hold `em poker tournament in October, and a town-wide mailer in November.
The WBAA, launched at the Dubai Institute of Technology SMEs Forum held in Dubai in April this year, was set up for the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship through the financing of high growth start-up companies with the support of Business Angels worldwide.
Hamad Al Hashemi, Managing Director of Dubai Institute of Technology -TechnoPark, said: "Because Business Angels invest their own money into companies, unlike venture capitalists, our affiliation with WBAA offers tremendous opportunities for promising start-up companies who may not have any other sources of capital in this market, in light of the high risk associated with new ventures."We are very pleased to be affiliated with WBAA as we have contributed to its launch in Dubai, and we hope to learn and benefit from the organisation's knowledge and expertise in the realm of seed capital investing.
The WBAA's founding members who met in Dubai recently are the Arab Business Angels Network (ABAN) United Arab Emirates, Angel Capital Association (ACA); British Business Angels Association-UK (BBAA); Center for Business Angel Research (CBAR) China; Indian Angel Network (IAN) India; Red Espanola de Business Angels (ESBAN) Spain; Australian Angels Investors Association (AAAI) Australia; Southern Angels, Chile; Italian Business Angels Association (IBAN) Italy; and the France Angels.
The study has also provided Water for a Healthy Country researchers with a test of the WBAA approach in understanding and accounting for the range of expectations about water use across different communities.
It is also widely hypothesized that WBAA measurement has the potential of being an integrating marker of alcohol abuse that sums up the extent of exposure to alcohol over a long time frame, such as several weeks.
WBAA is measured on a specimen of whole blood preserved in EDTA; serum, plasma, and tissue samples can be analyzed as well.
Lori Bourn's husband, Peter Bourn, is the president of the WBAA. They have two children, Lexi and Nash, who attend the high school and Major Edwards elementary school, respectively.
Meg McKernan, whose daughter Amanda McKernan plays on the West Boylston girls basketball team with Lexi Bourn, was a tournament organizer and worked with both Lori and Peter Bourn on WBAA events.