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WBANWomen Boxing Archive Network (website)
WBANWireless Body-Area Network (Implanted sensors that can take direct measurements of body chemistry.)
WBANWeather Bureau, Air Force and Navy
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The sink node broadcasts pk to all devices over WBAN and keeps sk.
[63] proposed a WBAN framework for controlling obesity that consists of hardware and software architectures.
Fundamentally, WBAN is a correspondence arrange between the people and PCs through wearable gadgets.
Estimated temporal trends based on fine particulate matter ([PM.sub.2.5]) annual averages in FRM and IMPROVE, [PM.sub.2.5] sulfate annual averages in CASTNet, and visibility annual averages in WBAN. Notes: CASTNet, Clean Air Status and Trends Network; FRM, Federal Reference Method; IMPROVE, Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environment; WBAN, Weather Bureau Army Navy.
Recently, several schemes have been proposed to support mobility in the 6LoWPAN-based WBAN [10, 11], which usually use the Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIP) protocol [12].
[28] designed a WBAN consisting of accelerometers and coin size RFID readers mounted on each hand of supervised people, and one additional accelerometer mounted on their waist.
We fully expect the wireless body area network (WBAN) to become a standard, such as a Wi-Fi network in a consumer's home.
However, the use of a wireless interface enables an easier application and is more cost efficient, so called Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN).
Due to the characteristics of the WBAN, if it is concentrated on a single person, a failure of equipment or abnormal data can be detected easily.
Especially, by the growing use of sensor technology in telecare, the new field known as wireless body area networks (WBAN) [1, 4] has designed various sensor devices that can be used to supervise critical body parameters and activities anytime and anywhere.
A WBAN (Wireless Body Area Network) is a collection of wireless sensor nodes placed around or in a human body that are used to exchange important information from human body to remote stations.