WBANAWild Blueberry Association of North America
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We see tremendous sales potential for our premium Frozen Wild Blueberries at retail," said WBANA Executive Director John Sauve.
Sauve indicated that WBANA will also ensure that consumers know the difference between cultivated blueberries and Wild Blueberries as well as where they can be found in the supermarket.
According to WBANA Nutrition Advisor Susan Davis, MS, RD, healthy food needs to come in convenient forms to satisfy the lifestyle needs of today's consumer.
According to Sauve, these and other benefits are part of the reason WBANA is encouraging consumers to get one-half cup of "The Power of Blue[TM]" into their diets every day.
WBANA will tap into the momentum building around Produce For Better Health Foundation's 5-A-Day The Color Way campaign, which uses color as a simple and memorable consumer vehicle to achieve the recommended five or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day.