WBASWeb-Based Assessment System
WBASWind Bands Association of Singapore (est. 2001)
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Internal consistency reliability (alpha) estimates for the WBAS itself and its subscales calculated on the basis of the post-test scores were as follows:
Prior to the beginning of the treatment, GMQ and the first subscale, "Current Feelings about WWW" (CFW), of WBAS were posted to the pre-service teachers by email attachment to be returned in one-week time.
The dependent variables of this particular design are pre-service teachers' "Teaching Method Course" performance in ME, and in FE, their WBAS, their post current feelings about WWW (POSTCFW), and their post metacognition (POSTGMQ).
The contribution of interactions is not significant for the ME, FE, WBAS, and POSTGMQ [F (6, 49) = 1.
05] and for the WBAS in favor of the WBDIG [F (1, 55) = 8.
Step-down Analyses: As there was a significant correlation between the FE and the WBAS (r = .
The effect sizes for the total model and the FE are large, whereas the effect size for the WBAS is medium.
An additional limitation comes from the self-report nature of the GMQ and the WBAS.
Wednesday, September 16 (1930-2300): Meet WBAS clubhouse.