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WBBSWest Bromwich Building Society (UK)
WBBSWaterways Breeding Bird Survey (est. 1998; British Trust for Ornithology)
WBBSWhole Body Bone Scan
WBBSWest Berkshire Ballet School (England, UK)
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Unfortunately, from the viewpoint of holders of the WBBS PIBS, such as myself, Nationwide was suffering from indigestion after it took on the deposits and branch network of the Dunfermline (not the "bad debts", which stayed with the Treasury).
Hence we chose Narrowstep, as their technology is proficient to represent the world of luxury and watchmaking," said Claudio Zampini, CEO of WBBS.
Narrowstep has allowed Abarth to provide its fans around the world with avideo community," said Claudio Zampini of WBBS.
Dominic Curchod of WBBS added, "The Catholic Church represents an international point of reference, commenting on issues globally.
Jamie Hughes, senior Dudley branch manager at the WBBS, said: "We are pleased that we can offer valuable assistance to High Arcal School to enhance their pupils' learning aspirations.
Eight helpers from the WBBS are delivering the parcels, with Asda staff helping with the packing.
At the beginning of April, WBBS launched TheTimeTv, the first TV channel dedicated to the world of watchmaking.
He left WBBS earlier this year and has been advising the city council on plans to set up a municipal bank.
Staff at PPDG donated pounds 300 and the WBBS raised a further pounds 500 by auctioning a boxing glove signed by ormer world champion Frank Bruno, whoch was donated by PPDG.
50%) is provided by a reserve fund established by WBBS on the closing date and partially funded to GBP5.
Tom & Becky in the Morning" (Tom Owens and Becky Palmer) - WBBS, Syracuse, N.