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WBCNWide Band Communications Network
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Those being interviewed include Charles Laquidara, Danny Schechter, Joe “Mississippi” Rogers of WBCN, and Ray Riepen, who founded WBCN, the Boston Tea Party and the Phoenix newspaper, as well as musicians from the leading bands to emerge from the era, including Aerosmith and prominent artists, photographers and writers.
17 WFNZ Beasley Sports 1.1 & Sports WBCN 0.1 (Bring the calls back to Boston!).
Day, who had played in two other bands with Milgate (including Gutta and The Luxury, the band that won the last "WBCN Rock `n' Roll Rumble"), joined Hey Now, Morris Fader three years ago.
A newly formed mega-media corporation marched into WBCN, the radio station I worked for in Boston, announcing that they were taking over and that 19 of us should pack our bags.
During that same time period, I once called WBCN, the recently departed radio station known as the Rock of Boston, and asked them to play "Rocky Raccoon." The DJ laughed so hard I feared he might have a seizure, and then he hung up on me.
Sports: Beasley Media Group owns both WFNZ 0.9 & WBCN 0.2.
Winning the WBCN Rock N' Roll Rumble earlier this spring has done similar things.
Tanguay and Zolak bring to the Sports Hub the chemistry they have built over six years of working with Andy Gresh on Patriots studio shows on the former WBCN.
WBCN, sister station of WBZ, is the current flagship station for the Pats.
WBCN Sports Beasley Broadcast Group 0.2 0.2 0.2 25,500
The statement is a reaction to a $500,000 advertising blitz on radio stations such as WAAF and WBCN, which traditionally attract younger audiences.
Beasley WFNZ 1.2 and Beasley Sports that was CBS WBCN -- likely to keep the Boston iconic call letters -- .2.