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WBDIWeb Based Driver Installer (print driver resource)
WBDIWomen Band Directors International (Chicago, IL)
WBDIWriting by Design, Inc. (Houston, TX)
WBDIWideband Data Interleaver
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The items include the most important characteristics of the WBII and WBDI (Jonassen, 2000; Tam, 2000; Willis, 1995).
Lastly, treatment was coded as one for WBDI and two for WBII.
The treatment, independent variable; WBII and WBDI, had to levels.
The difference between WBDI and WBII was sourced from timing in the presentation of the lecture notes and the questions directed in the discussion forum.
In other words, the content in WBDI was clearly on front of the pre-service teachers.
80 [ES = (Mean of the WBII group--Mean of the WBDI group / standard deviation of WBDI group)].
This means that pre-service teachers taught by the WBII got higher scores on the final exam than the pre-service teachers instructed by the WBDI.
The instructor-completed observation was compared by those completed by the outside observers (one experienced teacher for each group) and the interrater reliabilities for the WBII and WBDI were .
The following conclusions are offered: (a) WBII was more effective on the pre-service teachers' achievement than WBDI did, (b) WBDI was more effective on pre-service teachers' attitude towards WBC than WBII did, and (c) there was no significant difference between the WBIIG and WBDIG on metacognition.