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WBDTWholesale Beer Distributors of Texas
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Dennis has been appointed to his suppliers' Distributor Councils, is a member of NBWA, WBDT, and other community and business boards.
and its affiliate ACME Television Licenses of Ohio, LLC to assign the FCC license of WCWF-TV in the Green-Bay-Appleton, WI market to a subsidiary of LIN Television, and to assign the license of WBDT-TV in the Springfield, OH market to a third party, WBDT Television, LLC.
Additionally, the series has been sold to KMCI/KSHB in Kansas City, WXIX in Cincinnati, WABM/WDBB/WTTO in Birmingham, Alabama, WHP/WLYH in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, WGNO/WNOL in New Orleans, KASY/KWBQ in Albuquerque-Santa Fe, WUPN/WXLV in Greensboro, North Carolina, KFBT/KVWB in Las Vegas, WEWB in Albany, New York, KASN/KLRT in Little Rock, WBXX in Knoxville, Tennessee and WBDT in Dayton, Ohio, among others.