WBFSWii Backup File System
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Los valores de WBFS (fuerza de cizalla) de la carne de llamas Kh'ara (2.
British Oak thrashed WBFS by 67, Jason Galvin (21/5).
WUPA Atlanta, GA KEYE Austin, TX KVEO Baltimore, MD WSBK Boston, MA WKWB Buffalo, NY WWHO Columbus, OH KTXA Dallas, TX WKBD Detroit, MI WDWB Detroit, MI KBJR Duluth, MN WPTA Fort Wayne, IN KSEE Fresno, CA KTXH Houston, TX WNDY Indianapolis, IN WTNZ Knoxville, TN KCOP Los Angeles, CA WLMT Memphis, TN WPTY Memphis, TN WBFS Miami, FL KMSP Minneapolis, MN WUPL New Orleans, LA WRBW Orlando, FL WEEK Peoria, IL KPSG Oklahoma, OK WPSG Philadelphia, PA WLWC Providence, RI KMAX Sacramento, CA KBWB San Francisco, CA KNTV San Jose, CA KSTW Seattle, WA KMSS Shreveport, LA KSHV Shreveport, LA WTVH Syracuse, NY WTOG Tampa, FL WDCA Washington, DC WTVX West Palm Beach, FL
WBFS romped in by 64 over M&Bs, Rod Ashford 21/7.
14, 1997, at various times on WNBC, WABC, WCBS, WNYW (FOX), WLNY, and WVVH in New York; on WPBF (ABC), WPTV (NBC), WFLX (FOX), and WTVX in West Palm Beach; and on WSVN (FOX), and WBFS, WDZL, and WWFD in Miami.
WBFS won by 47 against Selly Park, Alan Bentley (21-9).
Acocks Green Legion romped in by 67 against WBFS (Lee Kington 21-5).
WBFS beat Deers Leap by 48 in Division Three (Neil Jones 21-8).
Two away wins in Division Three, British Oak by 11 at Brookhill (Tommy Caines 21-8) and WBFS by 18 at Raven (Mark Cash 21-11).
A 31-15 win from Pete Williams proved decisive for WBFS in the final of the W&W four-man team event.
His individual triumphs included the Somers Floodlit twice, the M&B's Open, the George Masters the WBFS open and the Barn Floodlit.
Moor Lane, relegated and now out to regain their status, clinched a superb 40-shot win at WBFS in Division Two, Richard Grant/Lee Woodfield 21-6.