WBGCWinnipeg Boys and Girls Clubs (Canada)
WBGCWorld Botanic Gardens Congress
WBGCWoburn Boys and Girls Club (Woburn, MA)
WBGCWalton Bean Growers' Cooperative (Wisconsin)
WBGCWaltham Boys and Girls Club (Waltham, MA)
WBGCWest Berkshire Golf Course (est. 1975; UK)
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She met Michael Weiss, President & CEO of WBGC, some years ago and crossed paths with him and the WB team on a laboratory project in Birmingham, Alabama.
When she considers her vision for the future of WBGC, Valerie sees the continuation-and strengthening-of the entrepreneurial attitude that has made WorkingBuildings so successful.
Michael Cindrich of was also in attendance as Diamond was given a green business certificate from WBGC.