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WBGNWide Band Gap Nanostructures
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Because it is impossible to get infinite-length sampled signal data, the autocorrelation function of WBGN may not be 0 when [m.sub.[tau]] [not equal to] 0.
Name Type DOA Broadband CF [T.sub.FM] ([micro]s) 1 S-T 50[degrees] 0 1.023 Mfz / 2 LFMCW 80[degrees] 2 Mfz 1.023 Mfz 31.25 3 LFMCW 110[degrees] 2 Mfz 1.023 Mfz 20.83 4 SFMCW 30[degrees] 2 Mfz 1.023 Mfz 62.56 5 SFMCW 165[degrees] 2 Mfz 1.023 Mfz 50.05 6 WBGN 20[degrees] 2 Mfz 1.023 Mfz / 7 WBGN 155[degrees] 2 Mfz 1.0 Mfz / Name INR (dB) 1 55 2 55 3 55 4 55 5 55 6 50 7 50 Table 2: Computation complexities of the proposed method and the compared methods.
Michel Tissut, general manager at Gravograph UK, shared the results of the collaboration at the WBGN social media event.
"It was great to collaborate with WBGN at the social media event to share information and examples of best practice and innovation which can help the WBGN members succeed.
He said: "We were delighted by the results of our work with WMG and were happy to share our findings with members of the WBGN network in the hope that they can learn from our experiences.
He hopes WBGN will enable members to exchange and generate ideas, to tap into further learning and development opportunities and to provide a bigger, collective voice to be heard at government level.
Tony Brealey, a member of the WBGN steering group and managing director of Midlands-based Reabrook, said: "The real benefit is talking to people who are in similar situations, sharing wisdom and finding out what other people do in terms of business."