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WBGSWest Bank and Gaza Strip
WBGSWorld Bank Graduate Scholarship
WBGSWide Band Gap Semiconductor
WBGSWalter Burley Griffin Society (est. 1988; Australia)
WBGSWatford Boys Grammar School (UK)
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WBGSL is the level of loans in New Shekel in the WBGS.
TABLE 3 Chow Test For Deposits in the WBGS and Israeli Sectors Residual Sum Degrees of of Squares Freedom Model 1 1050.
TABLE 4 Structural Change Test For Deposits in the WBGS and Israeli Sectors F Degrees of Test Statistic Freedom Critical(*) 1 1.
TABLE 5 Chow Test For Loan Activity in the WBGS and Israeli Sectors Model 1 1329.
1 represent the interrelationship between the Israeli and WBGS sectors in the pre Intifada period.
Of these two sectors being effected the WBGS segment is the one being hurt the most as compared to the Israeli sector.
The author's conclusion is that ignoring whatever political goals and/or achievements that may have occurred due to the Intifada, that from an economic perspective the Intifada has hurt the population of the WBGS in absolute terms and has been much more disruptive than to the Israeli sector.
A data problem associated with this study is that the Bank of Israel has stopped reporting loan and deposit activity for the WBGS after 1988.