WBHRCWest Bengal Human Rights Commission (India)
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Mincing no words, the retired apex court judge said: " I took the charge of WBHRC chairman in April, 2012.
Media reports are claiming that Ganguly has written to former Attorney General Soli Sorabjee confirming his plan to quit as the WBHRC chief.
Earlier in the day, news broke out that Justice Ganguly had spoken to former Attorney General Soli Sorabjee saying that he was contemplating resigning from the office of WBHRC.
Haldar said the WBHRC had to take up the matter following reports that children were being influenced by such video games.
Singh also demanded staying all proceedings against Ganguly as the intern's blog was " timebarred" and restrain any effort to remove him as the head of WBHRC.
We requested Justice Ganguly to step down on moral grounds and, of course, to maintain the clean image of the higher judiciary and the quasijudiciary body that is the WBHRC.
She has already written two letters to the PM and President to remove Ganguly from the WBHRC.
Raising the issue in the parliament, Swaraj said Ganguly should either resign or be removed from the WBHRC.
He is not supposed to do that as Justice Ganguly draws a certain amount of money as his salary being the WBHRC chairperson," the official said.
Furthermore, he said, his party has written a letter to the President seeking his removal from the WBHRC.
Ganguly's position as the WBHRC chief has also become untenable".
Various recommendations of the WBHRC have not gone down well with the state's ruling party.