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WBHTWhole Body Hyperthermia Therapy
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WBHT is used principally in advanced stages of cancer and as a metastatic prophylaxis in high-risk patients, e.g., young premenopausal women with breast cancer, lymph node involvement and negative hormone receptor status.
In Europe and Asia there are several types of WBHT systems in clinical use.
Despite several decades of ongoing usage in Europe, China, and Japan, and numerous human studies, WBHT is still considered 'experimental' in the US, where chemical medicine trumps all other forms of oncological therapy.
Understanding of the mechanisms by which heat destroys cancer cells is ever changing, partly because is a new emerging field; and the biological effects of local hyperthermia and WBHT, or systemic hyperthermia, are different.
Studies have shown WBHT can inhibit gene expression and synthesis of vascular endothelial growth factor excreted by cancer cells.
WBHT results in an increased delivery of drugs to tumor sites partly because of increased systemic blood flow.
WBHT can stimulate bone marrow by increasing peripheral blood flow and can induce the differentiation of peripheral blood and hematopoietic stem cells in bone marrow.
Though the immunotherapeutic role of hyperthermia is not yet completely understood, it has been shown that WBHT can activate long-acting T-lymphocyte and increase the activity of T- and B-lymphocyte.
Since returning home from treatment, I too noticed significant improvements from WBHT. Though, to notice these improvements, it was vital for me to continue with an aggressive detoxification protocol.
The distance a property is from the beach (DBCH) has been shown to be inversely related to housing prices, thus providing a basis for measuring the recreational value of the beach.(5) To account for the recreational benefit from wider beaches, an interaction variable (DBHT) was created by multiplying DBCH by WBHT. Including only a distance variable would not capture the benefits of a wider beach.
TABLE 2 Regression Results for Single-Family Homes In Surfside Beach and Garden City, South Carolina (dependent variable = deflated selling price of single-family home in 1983 dollars) Standard Variable Coefficient Error t-ratio Significance ONE 6.41036 .448113 14.305 .00000 AG -.028096 .010378 -2.707 .00703 SQFT .605672 .041430 14.619 .00000 BTH .129034 .039789 3.243 .00146 FP .045313 .032137 1.410 .15537 DBHT -.128541 .018790 -6.841 .00000 WBHT .262120 .039759 6.593 .00000 DMB .281101 .0944062 2.978 .00324 OCNF .237079 .0512959 4.622 .00001 OCNV .090229 .0494097 1.826 .06515 VIN .167454 .0532304 3.146 .00196 TIME -.025012 .0263492 -.949 .34557 DOCK .179018 .0582845 3.071 .00246 HUGO -.123804 .0405648 -3.052 .00260 N = 385; Adjusted [R.sup.2] = .81; F-value = 124.15
For example, the WBHT coefficient indicates that for an increase in beach width of 10%, the house value will increase by 2.6%.