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WBIFWestern Balkans Investment Framework (various organizations)
WBIFWorld Biological Information Facility (cartoon)
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Talks about taking loans for these projects from the EBRD have already begun and the distribution of grants by the WBIF Management Committee for these projects will be done in June 2018.
The WBIF signal is passed to an IF amplifier which includes (in this receiver) several selectable bandpass filters centered at the IF frequency.
For a signal to be displayed in the WBIF output, the absolute difference between SF and TRF must be less than half the WB IF bandwidth (WBIF BW).
The focus of WBIF investment in 2010 was on infrastructure.
A first meeting of the WBIF Steering Committee decided to allocate 26 million of grants for technical assistance support to 26 projects across the region in various sectors.
The WBIF finances investment projects to improve infrastructure, foster socio-economic development and speed up EU accession in the Western Balkans.
In 2008 the CEB became one of the founding members of the WBIF.
Separately, the EU is also co-financing the new project with a 12 million grant provided under the WBIF Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA) 2015 funds.
Serbia, as ultimate beneficiaries of the WBIF Grant, for the preparation of a coordinated flood
The WBIF was established in December 2009 by the European Commission, the partner IFIs CEB, EBRD and EIB - and bilateral donors, and was subsequently endorsed by the European Council.