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WBIGWireless Broadband Internet Gateway
WBIGWelsh Benefits Investigation Group (UK; fraud prevention)
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Sample code Common name BBIM Black breu or breuzinho BBPIR Black breu [BBIR.sub.1] Black breu [BBIR.sub.2] Black breu [BBIR.sub.3] Black breu [WBB.sub.1] White breu [BBTF.sub.1] Black breu or sucuruba [BBTF.sub.2] Black breu or sucuruba [WBB.sub.2] White breu WBIG White breu Sample code Identified species Formulation BBIM Protium heptaphyllum (Aubl.) Marchand BBPIR Protium decandrum (Aubl.) Marchand A [BBIR.sub.1] Protium heptaphyllum (Aubl.) Marchand [BBIR.sub.2] Protium heptaphyllum (Aubl.) Marchand [BBIR.sub.3] Protium heptaphyllum (Aubl.) Marchand B [WBB.sub.1] Protium decandrum (Aubl.) Marchand [BBTF.sub.1] Protium cf.
Wbig (Wet op de beroepen in de individuele gezondheidszorg) [Professions in Individual Healthcare Act].
In 2000 through 2003 in WBIG nurseries, the mean TKW for Jinmai 61 was 48 g compared with 39, 41, and 37 g for Yumai 13, Lumai 14, and Jinmai 31, respectively.
Judges included Terry Skreens (Sounds Like Music), Haley Skreens (Sounds Like Music), Dan Yotz, (Sound Sculptor), Steve Marten (WBIG Radio), Roy Thatcher (Sounds Like Music), Leah Leman, Heather Klaus (SoleUnique Dance Complex), Matt Benner (Sounds Like Music).
WBIG 1280-AM College: Boston College at Virginia Tech, 6 p.m.
WBIG 1280-AM College: Missouri at Tennessee, 11 a.m.
iHeart Country WMZQ steady 3.8-3.7-3.8 with co-owned ModRock WWDC 3.8-3.4-3.7, ClassicRock WBIG down 4.4-3.8-3.3.
iHeart: A/C WASH dips 5.1-5.0-4.3, ClassicRock WBIG 4.2-4.4-3.8, Country WZMQ 4.0-93.8-3.7 to tie Greater Washington Classical at 3.7 and ModRock WWDC 3.5-3.8-3.4 matching Columbia Union College ContempChristian WGTS at 3.4.
MLB Midwest: Wisconsin at COUGARS, 1 p.m.MiLB.TV / WBIG 1280-AM
Midwest: Wisconsin at COUGARS, 6:30 p.m.MiLB.TV / WBIG 1280-AM
"Bodhi's talent and work ethic is going bring a tremendous amount of value to BIG 100.3," said James Howard, WBIG PD.
NBCSCH / WGN 720-AM Midwest: COUGARS at Peoria, 6:30 p.m.MiLB.TV / WBIG 1280-AM