WBIRWorkshop on Biomedical Image Registration (Netherlands)
WBIRWarner Bros. Insider Rewards (TV station)
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Perhaps because of the different roles WBIR can play in the teaching/learning process, there are numerous definitions for Web-Based Instruction (WBI).
After the man returned to safety, the highway patrolman who flagged down the truckers walked to each truck and shook each driver's hand to thank the drivers for their contribution, WBIR reported.
Other area cable operators agreed to carry the channel, making its three hours of original weekday programming, rebroadcasts of WBIR newscasts and other programs available to about 70% of the city's cable households this spring.
While speaking about the difficulty involved while writing a story about it, she said, "Before I became a journalist, I worked at a special needs camp as a counselor in summers, so it always enrages me when I hear about someone being preyed upon," NBC-affiliated television station(https://www.wbir.com/article/news/crime/death-row-inmate-in-south-knoxville-murder-set-to-be-executed-in-december/51-610492950) WBIR r eported.
WBIR.com reported on February 10 about a woman in Knoxville, Tennessee, whose death was ruled a justifiable homicide.
He showed signs of mental illness at the age of six, WBIR reported.
WBIR out of Knoxville, Tennessee, reported on July 28 about a 79-year-old man who shot two men who broke in to his house.
In the email that Hayes wrote for (http://www.wbir.com/article/news/local/little-girl-with-east-tenn-ties-meets-prince-harry/51-520662959) WBIR 10 News , she said that she told her granddaughter to extend her hand because Prince Harry might shake it.
WBIR.com out of Knoxville, Tennessee, reported on June 16 about a mother of a deceased burglary suspect who would rather blame the victim than admit her son's fault.
A Florida boy whose kidney transplant was delayed because of his father's probation violation has been rushed to the hospital Sunday because of a peritonitis infection, according to (http://www.wbir.com/mobile/article/article/news/local/2-year-old-denied-kidney-transplant-rushed-to-emergency-room/85-487004932?scroll=807) WBIR a Knoxville, Tennessee, NBC affiliate.
WBIR reported February 7 that an octogenarian from the Knoxville, Tennessee, area used her gun to defend herself against an intruder.
This is, and was, not a romance," Gwyn told reporters, (http://www.thv11.com/news/crime/tbi-we-will-not-stop-until-we-find-elizabeth-thomas/426390957) according to WBIR .