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WBLSWeb-Based Learning Systems
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Electronic/Web-based learning (WBL) is a major component of distance education.
In either LS or WbLS, the isotropic scintillation light is produced by the charged particle energy deposition via ionization, but the scintillator components may interfere with the Cerenkov ring detection.
WBLS is one of the methods used by Bayan Educational Systems and Technologies (BEST), the BA arm that offers management training programs to various organizations.
Bills hosted programs on WBLS, 107.5 FM, and WLIB, 1190 AM, where she discussed topics related to foreclosure, prosecutors said.
You have to keep them wondering." Her humorous, polyandrous WBLS appearance was still a hot topic of discussion: "I went up there with the idea of saying things to be entertaining and fun ...
Anderson has encouraged local merchants to gear their advertising to the station's overnight programming hours, or to the audiences who listen to the station's sister station, WBLS 107.5 FM.
WKTU, WPAT and WNYC join WAXQ, WBAI, WBIX, WBLS, WCAA, WCBS-FM, WHTZ, WLTW, WNEW, WPLJ, WQCD, WQHT, WQXR, WRKS, WSKQ and WXRK, existing FM broadcasters at the building.
Those Beacon productions go directly to Power 97, Hot 105, WBLS and KISS, and so will "Def Poetry."
After that shaky start, Sasha, real name Alexander Coe, grabbed a few more gigs in pubs before landing a slot on pirate radio station WBLS.
UWS's Distributed Learning System Environment has several services, including a Web-Based Learning System (WBLS), which is the focus of this paper.
(Hal) Jackson, group chairman of Inner City Broadcasting Corp., was saluted by WBLS radio personality Doug Banks.
King: I had this conversation with Percy Sutton who owns WBLS. "Why can't theatre," he says, "get the kind of play and visibility that jazz, rap, and all kinds of rhythm and blues get?