WBNGWashington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild (Washington, DC)
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The WBNG maintained that recent National Labor Relations Board rulings prove the Post violated union rights, but the Post said the NLRB ruled in its favor on one complaint and dismissed part of another complaint, deciding to hold a hearing on the remainder.
The match that lit this latest firecracker was struck more than a year ago, but it exploded March 10 when the paper refused to allow the WBNG to hold its election in the Post building lobby.
The paper also asked the WBNG staff to return their ID cards so as not to discriminate against the other unions.
Bates was banned after the Post discovered he was entering the building by calling employees directly, without notifying Havlicek's office, and that his title with the WBNG was "organizer.
His title refers to organizational work done elsewhere, explained Jim Rupert, WBNG unit chair and assistant foreign editor at the Post.
Although Havlicek said this was done to reiterate the pre-existing regulations, the WBNG charged it was in retaliation for the union's filing of the complaint and filed a second complaint with the NLRB.
In addition, the WBNG scheduled an election on March 10 and informed the Post that balloting would be held in its lobby.
WBNG members took their case to the street, setting up ballot boxes and banners in front of the Post building.
According to Rupert, the WBNG was told by Havlicek that other unions are not allowed to hold votes on the premises, so it would be unfair to allow the Newspaper Guild.
Union memos noted, however, that the WBNG has held elections on the Post property 16 times in the past 12 years.
For big elections, the mailers and printers usually vote through the mail or off-site, as do other unions - including, occasionally, the WBNG, whose offices are about a block from the Post, according to Havlicek.
WTAJ and WBNG are both top ranked television stations in their respective markets and have been excellent investments for Boston Ventures and Alta," said Andy Davis, Boston Ventures Managing Director.