WBOCWomen Business Owners' Club (Hong Kong)
WBOCWomen Business Owner's Connection (Syracuse, New York)
WBOCWilderness Boat Owners Club
WBOCWaveguide Based Optical Cavity
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In the present study, we measured H-FABP mRNA expression and IMF content in the breast and leg muscles of BBOC, SBOC and WBOC.
BB was dominant genotype and B was dominant allele in BBOC, meanwhile, AA was dominant genotype and A was dominant allele in both SBOC and WBOC in natural selection.
0176) and the genotype in leg muscle of WBOC was significantly higher than that of AB (p = 0.
A significant correlation was detected in the leg muscles of WBOC (p = 0.
The BBOC has been selected for eggs and meat for a period of time and is most popular at locality, SBOC has been selected for treatment of gynecological diseases, and WBOC is main living at the high altitudes because of their chill-proof.
In the current study, the IMF content of AA genotype in breast muscle of BBOC and in leg muscle of WBOC were significantly higher than those in AB genotype.
In a tweet using the Twitter account of WBOC 16, the Cyber Caliphate claimed it has hacked the databases of the FBI.
The flexible architecture of the Omneon system was the perfect fit for WBOC," quotes Adolfo Rodriguez, Omneon Director of Product Marketing.
WBOC is located in Salisbury, MD and is a division of Draper Communications.
Station WBOC documented the chicken industry's offensive and unsanitary methods of discarding dead chickens.