WBPDWest Bridgewater Police Department (West Bridgewater, MA)
WBPDWrightsville Beach Police Department (North Carolina)
WBPDWest Branch Police Department (West Branch, Michigan)
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Whole body protein synthesis and WBPD were also calculated from the relationship among WBPF, N absorption and urinary N excretion according to the equations described by Schroeder et al.
The WBPS and WBPD (pooled values of both the H-and M-diet) calculated from the [[sup.
06, respectively) and WBPD was numerically higher (p = 0.
5]]phenylalanine model, the WBPS and WBPD were similar (p = 0.
13]C]leucine isotope method, for the determination of WBPS and WBPD in vivo.
Moreover, the values of WBPS and WBPD found by Harris et al.