WBPSWhaley Bridge Primary School (UK)
WBPSWinter Bird Population Study
WBPSWhatman BioScience Purification System
WBPSWreck Beach Preservation Society (Canada)
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In our analysis the move to a WBPS scored very well in the tangible factors and was also positive for the intangible factors.
One consideration in generalizing our model is the idea that the value achieved in implementing a WBPS is contingent upon the degree of EC that is established.
The implementation of a WBPS need not require acting on all attribute areas at once, but it is worthwhile to remember that the benefits achieved are more than additive since the attributes are not independent.
Most large corporations today, and even educational institutions with a WBPS project, such as the University of Illinois, have recognized the inevitability of the move to the Internet and e-catalogs.
Thus MRO procurement is the area where WBPSs can have the greatest impact.
WBPSs by their nature result in an increased security problems simply because they are open systems.
13]C]leucine method, the WBPS tended to be higher (p = 0.
5]]phenylalanine model, the WBPS and WBPD were similar (p = 0.
13]C]leucine isotope method, for the determination of WBPS and WBPD in vivo.
The numerical values of WBPS calculated from the plasma enrichment of the [[sup.
Although the WBPS and WBPD calculated from the [[sup.
However, the values vary depending on the use of the respective amino acid contents in the carcass protein when calculating WBPS.