WBPSWhaley Bridge Primary School (UK)
WBPSWinter Bird Population Study
WBPSWreck Beach Preservation Society (Canada)
WBPSWhatman BioScience Purification System
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In the present study, even though plasma LeuTR differed slightly, WBPS and WBPD calculated from the enrichments of plasma [1-[sup.13]C]Leu and [alpha]-[1-[sup.13]C]KIC did not differ between the diets.
The second WBP performs a single trip with routing WWYK(0,0)--PTFL(35,14)--AEQT(37,0).
However, there are some guidelines that can help an employer decide whether and how to implement a WBP.
A WBP provides welfare benefits (e.g., health benefits) for active and retired employees; life insurance; disability income insurance or payments; severance pay; supplemental unemployment benefits; long-term care benefits; and post-retirement medical or life insurance benefits.
Payments from a WBP will be made only if the specific benefit being funded becomes payable to plan participants.
A full understanding of the rules applicable to WBP funds requires focusing on Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), as well as tax, requirements.
A WBPS as described previously is expected to improve coordination and communications between the firm and its suppliers.
We identified rive tangible factors that associated with benefits in a WBPS: cycle time, transaction cost, error rate, inventory, and the item prices.
We worked from data on existing costs, times, and inventories and from this estimated the potential effects based upon the expectation that WBPS would reduce errors, search, and input associated time and costs.
(1992) used [[sup.3]H-2,6]phenylalanine and [U-[sup.14]C]phenylalanine and stated that WBPS increased with increased nutritional** level.
The present experiment was conducted using isotope dilution and nitrogen balance tests simultaneously in sheep fed at two levels of dietary intake to determine whether or not the same WBPS and WBPD could be obtained from the [[sup.2][H.sub.5]]phenylalanine model and the [1-[sup.13]C]leucine method.
The turnover rates (TR) of phenylalanine (PheTR), tyrosine (TyrTR) and leucine (LeuTR) and oxidation (OX) of the phenylalanine (PheOX) and leucine (LeuOX), WBPS and WBPD were calculated using the equations described by Krishnamurti and Janssens (1988) and Harris et al.