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WBSWork Breakdown Structure (project management)
WBSWarwick Business School
WBSWorld Business Satellite
WBSWiedemann-Beckwith Syndrome
WBSWest By South
WBSWeight and Balance System
WBSWeb Biz Solutions
WBSWork Breakout Structure (less common)
WBSWhite Buffalo Society
WBSWithout Benefit of Salvage
WBSWebster's Bible Translation
WBSWirtschafts- und Bildungsservice (German: Service of Economic and Educational Training and Education)
WBSWellington Botanical Society (New Zealand)
WBSWell Bore Stability (oil wells)
WBSWestern Billing Services
WBSWestinghouse Brake & Signal Limited (UK)
WBSWideband Serializer
WBSWorking Bikes Storefront (Chicago, IL)
WBSWetter Beobachtungs Schiff (German: Weather Observation Ship)
WBSWilliam Brookes School (UK)
WBSWilliams-Beuren Syndrome
WBSWest Bank Story (film)
WBSWheel Braking System (military aviation/helicopters)
WBSWideband System
WBSWrite Back Soon
WBSWhole Body Scan
WBSWar Between the States
WBSWireless Broadband Service (telecommunications; various locations)
WBSWilkes Barre-Scranton (Pennsylvania)
WBSWireless Business System
WBSWhole Business Securitization
WBSWide Bandgap Semiconductor
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Table 6 shows the prediction equations for sensory parameters as determined from regression equations using WBS and stepwise regression using TPA parameters.
Tissue burden was also estimated in our patients, based on the intensity of radioiodine uptake on the WBS (Fig.
To establish regression models for sensory evaluation variables, the WBS and TPA parameters were used as independent variables in the REG procedure.
Considering the lower and upper limits of the GRG values meanwhile, the lower and upper limits of the WBS were found high as 0.
Before becoming Dean of WBS in early 2010, Professor Taylor was a Managing Director at BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, where he ran the European arm of a large global macro investment fund.
The contract WBS includes the breakdown of work into small enough entities that can be analyzed and assessed.
The diagnosis of WBS was confirmed by techniques of Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization (FISH), microsatellite markers analysis or Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification (MLPA) in all patients.
MIL Handbook 881 states: "The Program WBS provides a framework for specifying program objectives.
The questions like how to make such website and how to find out what easytouse website means to the user and what are their needs for the website raise an important issue in WBS development and makes requirements specification for WBS more difficult than the one for conventional systems without website (Baskerville and PriesHeye, 2001).
Similarly, the mean baseline DQ scores (a measure of adaptive behavior) were approximately the same between WBS and FRAXA children, and these scores have declined with increasing age.
WBS managing director Kevin Whitfield said: "I am delighted we have been able to negotiate a further two acres of land.
A complete WBS will not only assist in reducing cost and expediting project completion, but will also avoid the annoying circumstance that the final 10% of a project takes as much or more resources and time than the initial 90%.