WBSAWider Black Sea Area
WBSAWorld Business Strategist Association (est. 1998)
WBSAWestern Boarding Schools Association (preparatory schools)
WBSAWhat the Bible Says About
WBSAWilton Baseball and Softball Association (est. 1995; Wilton, CT)
WBSAWarner Bros.-Seven Arts (production company)
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It is a collaborative effort of the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC), the Qatar Paralympic Committee (QPC), Sasol, the WBSA and the South African embassy.
The players of WBSA, led by Captain Marcus Retief, showcased their winning spirit on the court before the Doha audience.
The WBSA cagers exchanged hoops not only with the Qatari handball players but also with team captain of Qatar National Basketball team and Al Rayyan star player Yasseen Musa.
"Further we highly believe that we can build up a platform for future and fruitful co-operation between QPC and the WBSA in this event and beyond," he added.
MICHAEL Hodge proved to be the star of the Neath qualifiers for this season's opening senior WBSA ranking tournament - potting his way to a century break.
10Cod 17-9-3 1st Gary Tully (3) 6-13-1 h/f 2-12-0 (Cresswell Carrs) 2nd Billy Foster (3) 4-0-6 (Private Beach) 3rd Joe Lindsay (2) 3-11-7(Cresswell Carrs) 4th Tony Taylor (1) 2-8-1 5th Anthony Eke (1) 1-2-4 WBSA (wed) 18f 4w.i.
0-6-0 WBSA (wed) 17f 8w.i: (13) 28-9-0 h/f 6-10-8 1st R Allinson 3cod 10-9-0 2nd D Ward 4cod 614-0 3rd D Thompson 1cod 3-7-0 4th A Cass 1cod 1-14-0 jnt 5th J Moore/B Harland 1cod 1-7-0 WBSA (sun) 22f 15w.i: 43-14-0 1st C Stainthorpe (5) 9-4-0 2nd D Perrett (4) 7-15-0 h/f 2-6-8 3rd P Short (2) 3-13-0 4th J Moore (2) 3-8-0 5th J Ebison (2) 3-6-0 St Mary's match results 12f 2w.i: 1st D Lister 4r/ling 151/2oz h/f 4oz 2nd J Atherton 1r/ling 3oz
1st Joe Lindsay 5 cod 7-4-7 (Creswell Carrs) 2nd Sam Smith h/f cod 3-6-5 & 1 flounder 3-13-3 (Creswell) jnt 3 Wayne Smailes 1cod & Ken West cod 1-2-3 (Cresswell Carrs) WBSA (wed): 9f 4w.i.
1st T Dalton h/f codling 1lb 1/2oz 2nd R Mclay 3dab 131/2oz 3rd J Atherton 1dab 5oz WBSA (wed) :20f 12w.i.
Bedlington Station SAC (calm) 8f: 1st S Surtees (2) 10lb 10oz h/f 9lb 10oz (Newbiggin) 2nd R James (2) 3lb 40z (Lynemouth0 3rd A Pringle (2) 2lb 5oz (Newbiggin) Seaton Sluice (hw) 9f 2w.i: 1st Mark Callender h/f flr 8oz 2nd Marty Pygall flr 6oz WBSA (wed) 20f 11w.i:17-7-0 1st P Short 2wht 2flr 3-5-0 2nd C Stainthorpe 2wht 1lsd 2-14-0 3rd M Saunders 3wht 1flr 2-7-0 4th D Middlemass 1cod 1flr 1-8-0 N McCourt 1cod 1-7-0 WBSA (Sun): 1st Rod Taylor (3) 5-11-0 h/f 3-11-0 2nd P Short 2cod 1coal 4-10-0 3rd Colin Stainthorpe 2cod 2r/ling 4-4-0 4th B Vasey 2cod 2-14-0 5th D Turnbull 1cod 1r/ling 2-9-0 Cleadon SAC 15f 5w.i: 1st Norman Spours (3) 2805g (6.2lb) h/f 1560g (3.4lb) 2nd Darren Browne (2) 1570g 3rd Brian Ridley (1) 1205g 4th Paul Wastell (2) 982g 5th Lee Riley (10 566g