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WBSFWarner-Bratzler Shear Force (beef tenderness)
WBSFWebsphere Business Services Fabric (IBM)
WBSFWorld Benchrest Shooting Federation (various locations)
WBSFWarner Brothers Studios Facilities
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Object Quality indicator Predictor variable Ageing state: beef Heifers WBSF Electrical impedance(EI), conductivity(EC) beef Mechanical resistance [Z.sub.
The 1, 3, 7, 14 and 21 day steaks were evaluated for WBSF. Steaks were thawed at 4C for 24 h, packages were opened, and steaks were lightly blotted and then weighed.
(2010) fue establecido como causante de una reduccion del parametro de WBSF en 0.71, 1.1 y 0.69 kg cuando compararon los genotipos CG-GG a 7, 14 y 21 dias de maduracion en el musculo Longissimus dorsi de bovino, lo que coincide con lo descrito por Allais et al.
The WBSF of LM was lower in IUGR pigs compared with NBW pigs (P less than 0.01) regardless of postnatal HF diet.
The effects of pHu and ageing time on WBSF and MFI were evaluated using the analysis of variance.
Beef toughness was measured as the maximum shear force and it was assessed using a Warner-Bratzler (WBSF) shearing device until samples were cut completely through at 150 mm [s.sup.-1].
This accounted for about 40% of a variation in WBSF values.
Over time, the beef industry and USDA have established thresholds for tenderness, with a WBSF value less than 4.4 kg being used today for products to enter a "Guaranteed Tender" program [18].
Nellore) for all variables and the effects of ageing period (1, 4, 7 and 14 days) on water holding capacity (WHC), lipid oxidation (TBARS) and Warner-Braztler Shear Force (WBSF) variables were evaluated.