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WC1Wing Commander 1 (game)
WC1Warcraft 1 (computer game)
WC1Workshop Cluster 1 (molecule)
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Target: Grange St Paul's EC4, Grange Tower Bridge E1, Grange City EC3, and Grange Holborn WC1
Age Weight Weight BMI1 BMI2 WC1 WC2 Initial Final Age Initial Weight -0.2538 Final Weight -0.2819 0.9937 BMI1 * -0.0843 0.9011 0.8761 BMI2 ** -0.1142 0.9104 0.8977 0.9937 WC1 *** 0.0235 0.8625 0.8387 0.9149 0.9074 WC2 *** 0.0163 0.8565 0.8539 0.8959 0.9099 0.9698 Caption: * BMI 1 = Initial Body Mass Index; ** BMI 2 = Final Body Mass Index; *** WC1 = Initial Waist Circumference; *** WC2 = Final Waist Circumference.
In males, the value for each measurement site was significantly different from all other individual sites, with WC2 < WC1 < WC3 < WC4 < WC5 (Table 2).
WC1: Weed free###505.44###433.56###469.50 A###472.33###400.56###436.44 A
For example, a typical journey from the center of London (WC1 postal code) to Heathrow airport would cost [pounds sterling]60.80 compared with [pounds sterling]65.80, by the biggest mini cab companies.
Data was collected from 6 watercourses, namely two watercourses 13680L (WC1) and 7900L (WC2) on Fazal Shah Distributary, one watercourse 6774TL (WC3) on Qadir minor, one watercourse 15580TR (WC4) on Allah Hoo distributary and two watercourses 26995L (WC5) and 28992L (WC6) on Abdul Hakim Distributary.
For example, this fiscal year the VP80 and VP2-f discount programs were available for online COLU'SCS 1111 addition I.O WC1.CaStS and live courses and conferences.
London, United Kingdom, September 18, 2011 --(PR.com)-- MERJS, a leading London commercial property agency has announced the successful let of a large office space in WC1 to Simplicity Partnership.
14 CIBA Vision, BMA, Tavistock Square, London, WC1 9JP, 'The Big Fit' (www.
* Bridqing the World: Benjamin Baker is at the Building Centre in Store Street, London WC1 until 10 October.
One of the most expensive to use is WC1 in London's Oxford Street.
Other outstanding educational products from Birdcage Press include "Wild Cards" (WC1, $4.98) showcasing forty-seven wild mammals of North America; "Go Fish for Wildlife: Mammals" (WL1, $4.98);"Go Fish for Wildlife: Sea Creatures" (WL2, $4.98); "Go Fish for Wildlife: Reptiles and Amphibians" (WL3); "Art Shark!