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WCAPWorld Class Athlete Program
WCAPWeb Calendar Access Protocol
WCAPWestinghouse Commercial Atomic Power
WCAPWorld Climate Applications Program
WCAPWinfield Capital Corporation (stock symbol)
WCAPWomen and Children Affairs Programme (est. 1988; Bangladesh)
WCAPWeapon Control Intrasystem & Intersystem Alignment Procedures
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SWAN model Coordinates [DELTA]x x [DELTA]y (m) [DELTA] [theta] Cartesian 50 x 50 ([degrees]) 5 Input/process wave wind tide crt gen SWAN X X 0 X X SWAN model Mode/scheme [n.sub.f] [n.sub.[theta] stat/BSBT 34 35 Input/process wcap quad triad SWAN 0 X X SWAN model [n.sub.gx] x [n.sub.gy] = [n.sub.p] 355 x 406 = 144130 Input/process diffr bfric setup br SWAN X X X X TABLE 2: CS1 ([H.sub.s] =1 m, [T.sub.m] = 4s, Dir = 90[degrees]), evaluation of the impact of the energy farms on the waves in the reference points OP1 (northern offshore point), OP2 (central offshore point), OP3 (southern offshore point), and in the point NP1-NP7 WD0: no energy converter, WD6: four Wave Dragon energy converters operating in line.
The WCAP project was conducted last year in Bahrain for the first time.
"It was a real shock to find out I wasn't able to be in WCAP," he said.
"It's an honor to coach the Soldierathletes in the WCAP," he said.
ACC (1997) Work Capacity Assessment Procedure (WCAP), document for public consultation, July 1997, Wellington: Accident Rehabilitation and Compensation Insurance Corporation.
Five populations were sampled from 5 to 26 times each (Burton and Feldman 1981; Burton 1986) with frequencies of the [Gpt.sup.F] allozyme being consistently highest at the SCN site (0.219 [+ or -] 0.008, 24 samples, mean [+ or -] SE), intermediate at NB (0.134 [+ or -] 0.009, 9 samples), and lower at WCAP (0.086 [+ or -] 0.023, 5 samples).
Modified z-score (3.3 x Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) + Sales 4- 1.4 x Retained earnings (Compustat Item 36 or RE) + 1.2 x Working capital (Compustat Item 179 or WCAP))/Total assets.
Coach Kelly & Coach Michael's new morning radio show the “Green Chocolate Bar Radio Show” will air on WCAP 980am Radio every Wednesday morning at 10am.
World Conference of Animal Production (October 15-20 2013): Professor Defa Li reminded the committee of the pending WCAP conference in Beijing.
According to press release issued here on Monday, the World Bank is providing funds required for the study through its Water Sector Capacity Building and Advisory Services Project (WCAP).
WCAP Greco-Roman heavyweight wrestler Byers was touched by the ceremony.