WCBFWorld Children's Baseball Foundation (est. 1992)
WCBFWest Coast Brew Fest (Sacramento, CA)
WCBFWorldwide Conventions and Business Forums
WCBFWaisman Clinical Biomanufacturing Facility (Wisconsin)
WCBFWest Coast Brewers Festival (Sacramento, CA)
WCBFWharton China Business Forum (Wharton China Business Association; Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)
WCBFWorldwide Conference and Business Forum (Six Sigma conferences)
WCBFWarrnambool Cheese & Butter Factory Company Holdings Ltd. (Warrnambool, Australia)
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The WCBF knows how important it is to maintain strict cleanroom cleanliness and sterility in their Class 7 and 8 cleanrooms.
"We are committed to ensuring that our operations are performed to the highest quality principles, in compliance witn trie mja ana otner regulatory requirements," says Chuck Valliere, Quality Control Specialist (Gowning Training), WCBF, noting that a failed batch of cell-based products can cost upwards of $100,000.
The bane of cleanroom operators like the WCBF is microorganisms.
The ability to maintain sterility through the gowning process is one reason the WCBF turned to a new approach to sterile gowning with Clean-Don technology from Kimberly-Clark Professional.
Cleanroom workers at the WCBF echoed Kimberly-Clark's research findings.
"We've always used disposable cleanroom gowns because reusable gowns have a high initial investment," says Bill Kreamer, manufacturing and maintenance specialist, WCBF. "But even our traditional disposable cleanroom gowns had problems and were not as convenient as we would have liked."
Kreamer, who is responsible for testing new personal protective equipment for use in the WCBF cleanrooms, notes that the new gowning approach is more convenient for their employees and has a better cost-in-use.
The WCBF estimates that the new gowning approach allows employees to gown up in about three-quarters of the time they used to spend on the gowning process with their previous disposable gowns.
"Both the WIBC and members of the WCBF feel that consuls have a particular duty at this time of economic difficulties to encourage wider uptake of the many opportunities to which our consular positions can provide introduction, and to do the best we can to assist the development of linkages which will benefit Wales, the UK, the European Union, and countries beyond."
While no consul can act or speak in the name of any other consul, they are able to co-operate freely, and the WCBF has the common purpose of promoting the economy of Wales by pushing the interests of business people in the development of profitable market exchange with other countries.