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WCCAWashington Convention Center Authority (Washington, DC)
WCCAWartime Civil Control Administration (Japanese American internment)
WCCAWeb Cartoonists' Choice Awards
WCCAWhooping Crane Conservation Association
WCCAWest Coast Central America (shipping region)
WCCAWisconsin County Clerks Association
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She's worked for the last two years with WCCA, -- which recently switched from cable channel 13 to 194, after graduating from the New England Institute of Art in Boston.
The biggest challenge facing WCCA right now is its new location, in purgatory, on Charter's channel lineup.
Producers, government agencies, academic institutions, private sector companies, non-government organizations and commercial sponsors all play significant roles providing support and expertise for WCCA from their respective fields.
WCCA is used to improve reliability and assure that the product performance meets specifications throughout its entire life.
Perhaps most telling, they have included an indictment of both Charter and Comcast from Mauro DePasquale, the longtime director of Worcester's WCCA TV13, which was published on these pages Oct.
WCCA Board Members, business and hospitality leaders, clients and community leaders had an opportunity to meet and greet with the chef, who specializes in French-Asian fusion cuisine, and receive a behind-the-scenes look into the Center's kitchen.
The selection of AEi Systems and the development of the WCCA Enabler were the culmination of a multi-year review process by Raytheon.
Charter's decision to move PEG channels from their long-established channel assignments (11, 12, and WCCA TV 13) is a serious and drastic detriment to all of Worcester.
WCCA is a registered investment advisor with expertise in large cap stocks, and currently manages $215 million in assets.
The WCCA is an independent authority of the district government.
Charter also came in for some heated criticism for its plan to move WCCA public access television from its longtime home on Channel 13 to a new channel between 190 and 195 later this month.
When the acquisition is completed, WCCA will be a wholly owned subsidiary of AmeriServ Financial Bank.