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WCCAWashington Convention Center Authority (Washington, DC)
WCCAWartime Civil Control Administration (Japanese American internment)
WCCAWeb Cartoonists' Choice Awards
WCCAWhooping Crane Conservation Association
WCCAWest Coast Central America (shipping region)
WCCAWisconsin County Clerks Association
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Unlike the intensive systems of organization, including education, that would come to be heavily and strategically deployed by the WRA in their ten "permanent" centers, it seems a kind of chaos existed in the early days of many of the WCCA camps.
The court reversed, holding that the WCCA had abused its discretion when it granted Hudson's petition to set aside the award of benefits.
She's worked for the last two years with WCCA, -- which recently switched from cable channel 13 to 194, after graduating from the New England Institute of Art in Boston.
WCCA, a major affiliate in the region, and the largest squatter community
After not listening to the song for several months, it popped back onto the radar as a contestant in the WCCA TV show "WooTube's'' video of the year contestant.
WCCA works on behalf of Alaska employers, and in 9000 was instrumental in bringing out reforms to the Workers' Compensation Act.
In addition to WCCA, AEi Systems specializes in circuit stress and derating analysis, failure mode effects criticality analysis (FMECA), reliability/mean time between failures (MTBF) analysis, and SPICE modeling, especially in the area of power systems and devices for applications in the medical, military, space, nuclear, and other industries where high reliability is required.
I received an email last week from WCCA 13, the local cable access channel in Worcester, asking for donations.
AEi Systems, a world leader in Worst Case Circuit Analysis (WCCA), announced its new WCCA training courses to be held in September and December 2007.
1, 2007-2036, are being issued to defease all outstanding maturities of WCCA's series 1998 bonds and to refinance costs related to the acquisition of land necessary for the proposed WCCA Headquarters Hotel.