WCCHWythe County Community Hospital (Wytheville, VA)
WCCHWest Calcasieu Cameron Hospital (Sulphur, LA)
WCCHWaterfront Cebu City Hotel (Cebu City, Philippines)
WCCHWest Central Community Hospital (Indiana)
WCCHWater-Clear Cell Hyperplasia (pathology)
WCCHWest Cornwall Cottage Holidays (UK)
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Classically, in WCCH, there is firstly upper parathyroid gland involvement and hypertrophy in the inferior glands emerges later (9).
From the behavior and localization, although it is thought to be adenoma rather than WCCH, as the number of patients increases in the future, clearer information will be able to be obtained.
(PVOO)(DHS)(EMAI)(WCCH)(MCP) Programa en Produccion Agroalimentaria en el Tropico Colegio de Postgraduados, Campus Tabasco Periferico Carlos A.