WCCHCWaianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center (Oahu, HI)
WCCHCWaterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino (Philippines)
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Homes were another venue for KKV, WCCHC, and FHC to the conduct outreach since the setting was more intimate and comfortable.
When language capacity existed, providers were encouraged to give Cancer Society or the Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program for education and outreach activities, while FHC and WCCHC used their own materials, which they had developed prior to the CARE program.
The key objectives of the Local Pharmaceutical Services model are to: 1) Lease a building space within a Community Health Center to a pharmacy that is able to meet the contractual obligations specified 2) Provide patients with timely access to medications and advice on medicines 3) Implement a pharmaceutical assistance program 4) Utilize the skills and expertise of community pharmacists to improve the quality of pharmaceutical services to WCCHC patients and the surrounding community 5) Deliver affordable primary pharmaceutical services 6) Promote integrated service delivery between physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists to establish the most appropriate course of treatment for each patient thereby improving patient compliance and outcomes and reducing costs.
All this is aimed at making the HHF as well as the WCCHC self-sufficient entities.