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WCCLWipro Consumer Care and Lighting (India)
WCCLWays of Coping Checklist (psychology)
WCCLWells Computer Consultants, Ltd. (UK)
WCCLWisconsin Citizens Concerned for Life (Milwaukee, WI)
WCCLWest Caldwell Calibration Laboratories, Inc. (Victor, NY)
WCCLWashington County Civic League (Arkansas)
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The WCCL was prepared from The Ways of Coping Checklist based on the theoretical framework of Lazarus's Interactional Stress Model.
The WCCL, on the other hand, has 45 items with five subscales.
The distribution of students' WCCL subscale score means are shown in Table 2.
There were statistically significant differences between the WCCL score means according to students' year in school; differences were calculated between the second- and fourth-year students for blamed self score mean (f = 3.81, p = 0.011) and between second- and third-year students for wishful thinking score means (f = 4.503, p = 0.004).
The Rs 215-crore deal for the more than two-century-old Yardley will help WCCL string together a complete range of personal care products.
Overall, Unza accounts for 40 per cent of WCCL's revenues.
For example, the comparison between the WCCL and the CCS factor structures reported by Edwards and Baglioni (1993, 1999) clearly favours the latter instrument for demonstrating factor consistency.
Moreover, considering the less adequate psychometric properties of many other existing coping scales reported in the literature such as the WCCL (Folkman et al., 1986), COPE (Carver et al., 1989), CSI (Tobin et al., 1989) and the CISS (Endler and Parker, 1994) (also see section: Critique of Coping Measures in the Introduction for further references), our 15-item short version of the CCS seems preferable as a stronger coping scale measurement.
After all, of the one hundred documents, twenty-six are pieces authored solely by Huda Sha'rawi and another thirty-two are texts produced collectively by organizations she founded and headed and whose communications she usually drafted herself, albeit as the result of a group process (WCCL, fifteen documents; EFU, six; Boycott Committee, four).
The first note of tension in their relationship enters in a letter to Zaghloul in Paris, drafted by Sha'rawi on behalf of the WCCL to protest the Wafd's exclusion of the WCCL from deliberations on the Curzon Plan for Egyptian independence.
Sha'rawi gives the text of a June 1922 WCCL communique which takes the stand that Sudan must remain part of Egypt.