WCCUSDWest Contra Costa Unified School District (California)
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The partnership between CSU, East Bay and WCCUSD began because the district superintendent saw a need to develop the talents of local teacher leaders to become the leaders and administrators of the future.
WCCUSD is a school district with serious financial challenges and support of a program of this nature would have been almost impossible with out the Chancellor's office grant.
In addition, administrators from WCCUSD participated in the selection of the candidates for this partnership program.
A number of administrators from WCCUSD have been invited to serve in the position of "Practioner in Residence.
Additionally, WCCUSD's decision to deny parcel tax proceeds unlawfully discriminates against African American and Latino students (as well as socio-economically disadvantaged children) attending charter schools in WCCUSD in violation of state laws.
CCSA seeks a legal finding from the California courts to declare that the WCCUSD's allocation of parcel tax proceeds as unconstitutional and discriminatory, and to order the WCCUSD to equally and equitably distribute its parcel tax revenue so as to benefit all students within the WCCUSD, including students that attend charter public schools.
CCSA attempted to resolve this issue with WCCUSD via meetings and in a formal letter, and yet district representatives responded unequivocally that the district would not share parcel tax proceeds with charter schools and their students.
The lack of parcel tax funding contributes to disparities in educational opportunities afforded public school students served by charter schools in WCCUSD as compared to traditional schools, including a lack of instructional materials, supplies (including computers) and basic educational amenities and services such as libraries and labs, higher teacher to student ratios, reduced program offerings, and less instructional support (e.
Children attending traditional WCCUSD schools and charter public schools are entitled to the benefits of educational funding so as to provide them with a free public education in accordance with California constitutional mandates.