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WCDMAWideband Code Division Multiple Access
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This is because WCDMA is the only technology that provides great voice and app coverage everywhere for the whole device ecosystem now and into the foreseeable future.
Qualcomm produces chips for WCDMA and CDMA phones and said that, once the prices fall, the WCDMA phone market will grow substantially.
By expanding the portfolio, WCDMA would be available for new markets and operators would be able to secure higher capacity networks and better coverage with lower operating expenses, according to the company.
There are three mobile phone technologies supported by the major networks within Japan: PDC (Personal Digital Cellular), CDMA (Code Divisional Multiple Access) and WCDMA.
The addition of the RFL6202, RFR6202 and RTR6250 radioOne solution complements QUALCOMM's WCDMA (UMTS) offerings to support the rapid growth of this industry while addressing new revenue opportunities in the Japan market.
Ericsson WCDMA Flow of Users allows operators to maintain an optimal flow of smartphone users through a 3G/WCDMA network.
Of the 272 WCDMA devices already introduced to market, 31 support WCDMA and GSM/EDGE, while 14 are HSDPA-enabled.
Nokia had supplied MTC-Vodafone Bahrain with the necessary 3G WCDMA radio access network, the company said.
ZTE will provide a complete WCDMA system and new WCDMA handsets under the terms of the contract, which represents its first WCDMA project in central Asia.
Nokia said that it had performed successful voice call handovers from a live 3G WCDMA network to Vodafone Omnitel's commercial 2G GSM network in Italy.