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WCDRWriters Circle of Durham Region (Ontario, Canada)
WCDRWatch Counter Data Register (computer programming)
WCDRWisconsin Center for Dairy Research (University of Wisconsin)
WCDRWorld Conference for Disaster Reduction
WCDRWideband Compressed Data Relay
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According to the WCDR, some people, namely traditional cheesemakers and some artisan and specialty cheesemakers, continue to believe that calf rennet produces the best-flavored aged cheeses, especially aged cheddar, Parmesan, and others.
According to the WCDR, there are four types of rennet: calf rennet, microbial rennet, fermentation-produced chymosin, and vegetable coagulants.
However, between supply problems and animal rights, religious, and food safety issues, calf rennet is now used to make less than 5 percent of all cheese produced in the United States today, according to the WCDR. In other words, approximately 95 percent of all cheese in the United States is made with non-animal-derived rennet.
Fermentation-produced chymosin (FPC) is by far the most common form of a milk-coagulating enzyme used today, according to the WCDR. Potter said that approximately 70 percent of all cheese is produced with FPC, while approximately 25 percent is made with microbial coagulants and the remaining 5 percent is made from calf rennet.
It's also important for things like battle-damage assessment, noted WCDR Brookes, who said that, while targeting with weapons may be much more automated today, gauging their effect using sensors or some means other than HUMINT is much more difficult, particularly when a moving target is involved.
But WCDR Brookes noted that, ironically, the extra time gained through this more efficient data transmission may be lost by politicians who take longer to make decisions about whether or not to attack.
Quoting General William Westmoreland, who commanded US troops during the Vietnam War, WCDR Brookes said, "We fire the bullet but must be willing to send the man."
WCDR Bill Lawrence, Deputy Director of Aircraft Survivability at HQ Australian Defence Force, and Laurie Bode, project manager for Echidna in Australia's Defence Acquisition Organisation (DAO), briefed industry on the results of the review and the future directions of EWSP at a classified briefing last month, organized in Canberra by the Australian Chapter of the Association of Old Crows.