WCDSWelfare Client Data Systems (California)
WCDSWakefield Country Day School (Flint Hill, Virginia)
WCDSWeighted Connected Dominating Set
WCDSWheeling Country Day School (Wheeling, WV)
WCDSWireless Circuit Data Service (AT&T)
WCDSWestsyde Community Development Society (Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada)
WCDSWoodland Country Day School (Bridgeton, NJ)
WCDSWest Coast Dual Sport
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Ian Renwick, Chief Executive of QE Gateshead and a trustee of QE Gateshead Charitable Funds, added: "It was an easy decision to make when we were approached about the QE's own charity supporting the WCDS.
Thus none can guarantee to generate a WCDS of small size.
In (c) those black nodes compose a WCDS, while the bold edges show the structure of.
In [10], WCDS is proposed to be used as the virtual backbone.
At the end of the algorithm, all nodes in form the WCDS.
For this example, rounds are needed to compute the WCDS.
Using the HP Designed for Run[TM] strategy, the extension provides WCDS with a clear path for achieving the transformation and modernization of CalWIN that the consortium desires.
This extension continues that partnership in one of the most challenging times our counties have faced in delivering the services many Californians count on," said Joe Valentine, executive director for Contra Costa County and chair, WCDS Consortium.