WCDSSWashington County Department of Social Services (Maryland)
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The WCDSS and CBI communicated with each other for months on a daily basis via phone calls and faxes to silence our child-abuse reports by aborting our adoption of Laura.
Not until my interactions with the CBI and WCDSS did I comprehend the extent to which some will go to achieve their vindictive ends.
For nearly an hour we sat with Seigel in our home and documented Laura's imminent endangerment if she were to be returned to the care of the WCDSS. Seigel adroitly offered to call the Indianapolis judge hearing Laura's case, Charles Deiter, to get an emergency best- interests hearing to prevent Laura's removal.
In 1998, the WCDSS was brought into the Worcester County Circuit Court under grand jury investigation concerning the death of Shamir Hudson, a child placed by the WCDSS in a dangerous foster home that it had licensed.
Catherine Marie Hudson--a single African-American woman in her fifties who had little education and lived in an old trailer--was licensed as a foster parent by the WCDSS in 1991.12
On May 23, 1995, the WCDSS put three young African-American children--Shamir, Sharnea, and Shamale Goslee--into Hudson's foster care,13 and for this she was paid about $2,000, tax free, per month.
From April 18, 1996, through November 13, 1997, eleven different witnesses filed twenty-six child-abuse reports in writing to the WCDSS and to the state's attorney in Worcester County concerning the Hudson children.
In December 1996, WCDSS child protection staff met with the school staff "regarding the numerous reports of suspected abuse already filed with [the WCDSS] from the Buckingham Elementary School."18 The school principal later stated, "We made it clear to them, in no uncertain terms, that we feared for these children's lives.
Shortly after Shamir's death, the WCDSS called a press conference to, in Police Chief Lyons' words, "announce that they had been cleared of any wrongdoing in Shamir's death by an internal investigation which did not include talking with anyone except themselves.