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WCEWest Coast Eagles (Australia)
WCEWinnipeg Commodity Exchange
WCEWorld Congress on Engineering
WCEWhole Cell Extract
WCEWindows Consumer Electronics
WCEWorkers Comp Executive (California journal)
WCEWild Card Elimination (baseball)
WCEWork Center Event
WCEWorking Capital Efficiency
WCEWind Certification Entity
WCEWorld Championship Entertainment (wrestling league)
WCEWarranty Cost Estimate
WCEWest Coast Events (swinger party hosting)
WCEWavelength Converter Edge
WCEWorld Class Excellence
WCEWheel Control Electronics
WCEWorse Case Error
WCEWoven Convolutional Encoder
WCEWinter Cities Europe
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Upon completion, the WCE will be a shorter and quicker option for north-south commuters along the west coast.
The creation of the WCE will significantly enhance the Lower Silesia region in the respective fields of science in order to reach an internationally competitive level in the target areas, reducing research and innovation disparities within the European Union.
The result implies that parents as an important social construct gender of WCE in Malaysia.
BABL/c mice (n = 4/group) were orally administrated with 100 mg/kg of WCE (11/2012) or combination (formula) containing the equivalent doses of wedelolactone, luteolin, and apigenin to those found in WCE.
WCE leverages our cloud expertise and will bring greater efficiency and
The institutionalization of WCE in the school system "creates scope to ensure that from toddlers to teenagers, our youngsters are well equipped to handle life as it exists today and give them space for forging a desired future," states the author.
Along the way, WCE discovered that SCIF was hiring its top management team as if they were consultants, not regular employees.
1) the injury of the government's lead attorney; and (2) an allegation that WCE attempted to evade service.
The WCE campus was filled with the spirit of culture this week, from traditional dances to costumes, and food to traditional poems, to mention but a few.
The award is given annually and organised by the WCE (Worshipful Company of Engineers) and the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology).
Eddie Solis is the axe wielder/vocal screamer, and WCE pounds the rhythm.
Anderson of World Computer Exchange (WCE), which claims to be the largest North American nonprofit provider of donated used computers, said WCE has shipped 23,072 computers to connect 2,322 schools with 992,500 students in 34 developing countries.