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WCEWest Coast Eagles (Australia)
WCEWinnipeg Commodity Exchange
WCEWorld Congress on Engineering
WCEWhole Cell Extract
WCEWindows Consumer Electronics
WCEWorkers Comp Executive (California journal)
WCEWild Card Elimination (baseball)
WCEWork Center Event
WCEWorking Capital Efficiency
WCEWind Certification Entity
WCEWorld Championship Entertainment (wrestling league)
WCEWarranty Cost Estimate
WCEWest Coast Events (swinger party hosting)
WCEWavelength Converter Edge
WCEWorld Class Excellence
WCEWheel Control Electronics
WCEWorse Case Error
WCEWoven Convolutional Encoder
WCEWinter Cities Europe
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The purpose of our research is to achieve scientific objective levels through WCE analytics, resulting in effectiveness-focused training of weapon system.
2] investigated the effect of reducing the redundancy in WCE and increasing the frame rate on inspection time and diagnostic miss rate.
This could provide useful information in exploring on gender and family as socially construct agent for WCE in Malaysia.
To address the beneficial effects of WCE over the equivalent combination of principle active compounds, we then studied the pharmacokinetics of the active compounds by measuring their plasma concentrations after single-dose ingestion of WCE or a combination of the purified active compounds (formula).
To the best of our knowledge, there was no study that evaluated WCH and/or WCE, or masked hypertension in the treated or untreated Omani population.
Following the successful deployment of the WCE in the Mobily
Among its potential benefits, a WCE curriculum would replace rote learning with experiential learning, make learning more enjoyable, provide opportunies for enhancing creativity and innovation, facilitate employment, and instil values such as respect for manual work and workers, adds Yasin.
Rob Tate, managing director of West Coast Energy, said: "The acquisition of West Coast Energy by GDF SUEZ is a good strategic fit that will create advantages for both companies and will give WCE a significant opportunity to grow, expand and diversify its operations in the UK".
Gerry Jewson, former Chairman of West Coast Energy said: "I am proud of the success of WCE over the last 18 years but in a changing and competitive energy policy environment the acquisition by GDF SUEZ, and the synergies that exist between the two business's, will ensure that WCE and its employees have the best opportunity to prosper as we seek to rise to the challenge of transitioning towards a low carbon economy.
WCE has developed 650MW of wind capacity in the UK, which represents 9% of the deployed onshore wind capacity in the the country.
In addition, WCE has the ability to see the entire length of the GI tract, whereas conventional wire endoscopy allowed the physician to view only the upper portion of the small intestine.
Presently, reducing the capsule's power consumption and having it achieve a higher image-transmission rate are the key issues that stand in the way of more extensive applications of WCE in clinical settings.