WCEAWestern Catholic Educational Association
WCEAWisconsin Community Education Association
WCEAWorkers' Compensation Education Association
WCEAWorld Clean Energy Awards (Transatlantic21 Association; Switzerland)
WCEAWarren County Education Association (New Jersey)
WCEAWicomico County Education Association
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World Cotton Exporters Ass'n, WCEA Default List, http://www.
such a hardship would be fully justified because "It]he WCEA serves
In recognition of the quality of Catholic education at O'Hara, WCEA awarded the school a full term of accreditation through 2012.
Religious groups have to obey the law," said Louise Melling, director of the American Civil Liberties Union's Reproductive Freedom Project, which helped craft the exemption to the WCEA and also filed an amicus brief in the case.
The Western Grid 2050 report is the first in a suite of materials from WGG and the WCEA proposing sustained, orderly transition to clean energy across the western U.
Or, to use the example given by the California Supreme Court in the Catholic Charities case, "a hypothetical soup kitchen run entirely by the ministers of a church, which inculcates religious values to those who come to eat (thus satisfying the first, second and fourth criteria [of the statutory definition of religious employer]), would lose its claim to an exemption from the WCEA if it chose to serve the hungry without discrimination instead of serving co-religionists only.