WCETTWeighted Cumulative Expected Transmission Time
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* Routing metrics ETX, ETT, WCETT, EETT, B-MTM, MIC and MCWMR-BEETT.
In Figure 9, we observe higher capacity values for WCETT metric obtained by selecting between 5, 10 or 20MHz channel widths.
In this condition, higher capacity occurs when WCETT and MCWMR-BEETT metric select between 5.
WCETT enhances the performance of multi radio and multi rate wireless networks, compared to other metrics such as, hop count, ETX and ETT.
At last we propose an improved routing metric LBI_WCETT based on the WCETT routing metric, which considers the channel interference, channel diversity, link load and the delay brought by channel switching.
WCETT (Weighted Cumulative Expected Transmission Time) routing metric [14] is specifically for wireless mesh network.
WCETT routing metric considers the bandwidth, packet loss rate and channel diversity through the weight assignment.